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Growth becomes real and progressive when it is intentional. Intentionality of growth makes it project towards a goal. Growth towards authentic leadership is not achieved by accident. It has to be intentional. Therein we have listed some steps towards intentional growth which anyone can adopt for personal growth.

Steps towards intentional growth

  1. Ask the correct question

To get the correct answer, you have to ask the correct question. Someone who intends to fly to Kenya should not be asking for Nigeria’s flight. In that same way, to be intentional about growth, you have to ask the right question. That is what will enable you to take the right steps toward intentional growth.

The right question here is:

 “Which direction am I to go?”

“How far can I go in that direction?”

Answering these questions is the beginning of your journey towards intentional growth. You may not get the full answer now, but it places you in the right direction. You have to invest your talents, time and resources towards the growth you are in pursuit for. The more you get the job done, the better version of yourself you become.

  1. Now not later

Having a sense of urgency is the key antidote of procrastination. The deadliest danger we can face is the procrastination of our growth plans to a later date. It is a big tap to postpone such an important task.

Later is a dream killer that has killed many dreams and talents. You would have been a keyboardist but you kept the practice later. You would have written a book but you have kept it to a later date. The diet you shift till tomorrow, the work-out you begin someday they are the things that lock you behind your growth.

Tell yourself you have begun something immediately, “Do it now” should be your motto. Anytime you wake up, say to yourself “Do it now” a number of times. Let it guide your actions into immediate responses.

  1. Starve your fear

We all have our fears. It could be:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of unknown
  • Fear of what other people will say
  • Fear of speaking in the public
  • And all those phobias that have kept us bound as individuals.

The problem is not that we have fears, but we allow our fears to hold us bound. No matter what fear we have, we have to build a stronger emotion against it.

It is said that courage is not the absence of fear, but carry on out the supposed action irrespective of our fears.

  1. Growth should not be accidental

It is easy to be inactive and allow growth to become an accidental event on us. While accidental growth plans to start tomorrow, intentional growth insists on starting immediately. Accidental growth learns from mistake while intentional growth learns from the mistake of others, or even before any mistake.

Accidental growth depends on good luck while intentional growth depends on hard and smart work. Accidental growth quits early while intentional growth endures. Accidental growth plays safe, intentional growth takes risks. Accidental growth stops learning after graduation while intentional growth continues to learn after graduation. Decide to make your growth intentional and pursue it as such.

  1. Be practical with your growth

To be practical with your growth, you have to begin to do something very concrete for growth. Put all your growth plan in a calendar and follow it strictly. You can plan to attend a seminar, coaching session and all that. Everything will not turn out to be as you desire but do it anyway.

You may be thinking that you do not have time. Well, that may be true, but you just have to do it anyway. If you are very willing and intentional towards growth, you have to do all it takes. Wake up early and begin. You might have to skip lunch just to meet up with your schedule. You may have to work even on a weekend to reach the potential you desire.

Importantly, you have to start now. There is no need putting it till the next day or next week. You are meant to do this. 

In sum, these steps towards growth are summary guidelines. In your own personal reflections, you can make it more elaborate. You know your most area of need. Thus, it will be good if you focus on that area. You have to be intentional in the steps and remember that authentic leadership does not just happen. 

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