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In our noisy and busy world, to “pause and reflect” is one of the scarcest commodity. Many people move up and down around so many activities and have little time for personal reflection and growth. John Maxwell rightly opines that learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you.

Points on Pause and Reflect

  1. Reflection turns experience into insight

It is said that experience is the best teacher. However, we must add that it is not just an experience but an evaluated experience is the best teacher. If you do not learn from your experience, then it obviously was not a teacher to you. You will likely make the same mistake again. In our modern time, people have innumerable experiences every day, and many do not learn anything out of it simply peace they do not pause and reflect.

  1. We all need a time and place to reflect

Stopping to reflect is one of the most valuable exercises a person can undergo. It is far more important than motivation and encouragement. This is because it allows a person to hit back on the right track. If a person is heading towards the wrong road, he/she does not need a motivation to speed up. He only to pause and reflect and the change direction.

Most people are very busy. They have a lot of activities to engage in and that could make them dry. We all know about the barrenness of a busy land. But then in this busyness of life, we sometimes encounter life markers. These are significant place and people that we meet along the way of life. Pausing to reflect will enable us to make good out of our meeting in these places. We become better equipped to teach others from our own experiences also.

  1. Pause with an intention

Observing the lives of great men and women in history, it is evident in their lives that at one point in time or the other, they always make out time to pause and reflect. They have a place where they stay alone and commune with themselves alone. Every significant religious leader followed similar steps. Political leaders who made an impact in the world did the same thing. Great musicians and artists all know the importance of having a quiet time to pause and reflect. Some immortal musical piece is gotten during such a moment of reflection. Leading Universities give their professors time out to pause and reflect. It is usually a time they go into deep discoveries and research projects.

Every authentic leader in any field of life but put into consideration the holy act of “pause and reflect”. It is not just about being action-orientation, they also have to be though-oriented. A minute thought is worth than an hour of talk.

I encourage everyone to find a place and a time to pause and reflect. It might mean going on a lonely walk, going for a retreat or recollection program. Whichever it might be, it will really be of help towards growth. This is how you see value in yourself. 

  1. Methodology for reflection

When you pause to reflect, there are four steps you are advised to follow.


Galileo a great Scientist rightly avers that “all truths are easy to understand once they are discovered”. The most important factor here is to discover them, and this can be done only through investigation. Pausing means more than just waiting at a place. It means stopping to investigate and discover something. You pause must be purposeful. Investigation generally requires asking of questions and seeking answers. Through them, insights come.


This is the process of taking some experience and event of life and putting it in your mind to be cooked for a while. It is like meditation. You don’t require to talk on this level. All you have to do is to listen and learn. It is important you can put down (in a notebook or your phone note) those beautiful thoughts that come up in your head at such a time so that you can reflect on them later.


It was Jim Rohn who remarked that at the end of the day, we all ought to play back the record of our performance. The result should either make us applaud or rebuke ourselves. Our illuminating moments are those “eureka” moments in our lives when we experience a sudden insight and realization. Such moments are so much cherished if we encounter it. However, it is dependent on that a fact that we must put in time in investigating and incubating.


Good ideas are like skeletons. They provide good structures, but then, they lack flesh. An illustration is thus, the process of putting flesh to an idea. A speech without illustration is merely an outline. Illustration puts tangibility to an idea.


All of us are watchers of Television, Clocks, Traffics and all that, but only a few are observers. Everyone is looking but only a few are seeing. For those who pause and reflect, they are those seeing indeed. How blessed are the eyes that see, for it shall be rewarded.

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