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About Us

Leaders’ Hangout (LH) began in September 2018. It is a place where leaders of every capacity get inspiration for authentic leadership. Although LH began as a forum for training young Africans into authentic leadership, it goes beyond Africa.

The emphasis of LH is on building authentic non-positional leadership. This, we believe is the bedrock of authentic positional leadership. He who want to lead others must first lead himself. The act and science self-leadership is paramount for African development.

Here in LH, we write from various leadership points of view. We accept guest posts in the same subject matter. These are geared towards educating, inspiring and motivating authentic leadership.

As a growing community, we are open for partnership with other leadership communities within and beyond Africa. LH also conducts and attends seminars, presentations around leadership in schools, parastatals and organizations.

LH is also a virtual community. Thus, you can follow us on our social media handles and instant updates and inspirations. Our monthly newsletter on leadership is another package that you will not want to miss.

Remember, you are a leader wherever you are. Lead from where you are.


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